MindStir Media Review – What exactly is MindStir Media?

MindStir Media is a creative self-publishing firm that has won many awards. They provide self-publishing plans that include custom-designed book layouts editing, marketing, endorsements and more.

Mindstir Media was started by self publisher J.J. Hebert who has had immense success as a 9-time award-winning author. He knows how to create a successful self-published book.

Mindstir Media is a great choice for bringing your ideas for books to reality. It is one of the top self-publishing businesses within the USA. It is rated as the best self-publishing service by top websites such as Penny Matters, iTech Post, Kev’s Best and BestTechie amongst others. The most interesting aspect I found appealing about MindStir Media is that they provide everything you require when starting out. For instance, the basic package comes with a customized cover design, the interior design, assigning ISBNs barcode generation and conversion of ebooks. If anything is unclear during the process they will be on hand to help.

They offer a fantastic marketing program that allows you to sell your books to customers. Customers can purchase your book via Mindstir Media’s distribution network. The Mindstir Media distribution network includes huge platforms such as:

Barnes & Noble
Powell’s, Books-A-Million
Baker and Taylor

Their distribution is averaging 39,000+ bookstores, bookshops and wholesalers across around 195 countries.

Self-Publishing: The Detailed Self Publishing Process

The process of self-publishing using MindStir Media is quite simple but it is very thorough. Self-publishers should go through the following 11 steps:

Choose a Mindstir Media Package

First, research and go through their self-publishing options. When you’ve chosen an option and payment has been received they’ll then assign a project coordinator and a professional team of editors to help you. The book’s Project Manager will be referred to by the title of an “Author Rep”.

Create your self-published book’s Cover

The Project Manager works as a link between you and the book’s designer/ illustrator as well as your editor (if the package you choose incorporates editing). A Project Manager can work with you regarding the front cover design. They’ll be interested in hearing the overall concept of the cover of your book and they’ll strive to exceed your expectations. You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback and then approve. You can request revisions for free until you’re satisfied with the cover’s design.

Editing your Book

The editor will utilize the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word software to show each revision made to your manuscript, and add notes if errors or errors are evident. You’ll have the option to either decide whether or not to accept each edit.

Adding Illustrations

Illustrations are images or drawings that are found in the pages of your book.

Their illustrator will be following their three-step illustration process. The time it takes to complete illustrations will depend on the amount of images you require for your book and the work load of the illustrator. The Project Manager for your book will keep you informed on the progress here.

Layout Design

You’re now in the final stage of book’s design – how exciting! Once the cover is designed and your error-free manuscript now has illustrations, it’s time to put it all together. The layout for the interior layout is as important as the cover design. This is the part that your readers will be spending the most time looking at.

Your Project Manager will ensure that you adhere to standard guidelines of the book publishing industry for this part of the process. It is also important to make sure you follow the same style and theme for your cover as well as the font.

The layout of your interior will comprise of key elements that will make up your novel:

Copyright Page (includes copyright notice as well as ISBN)
Table of Contents
Chapter Headers
Page Number

This is the most satisfying stage that allows you to view all the pages of your work as a PDF document. Here you will also have the opportunity to make revisions if neccessary.

Wraparound Cover

In keeping with the style and look you are going for, the cover of your book will be created. The back cover contains:

Description of the book
Copy of the back cover
Author Photo
Biography of Author
MindStir Media logo
Barcode (with embedded ISBN and price)

The cover’s outermost part usually consists of your author’s name, book’s title, along with the MindStir Media spine logo.

Proofs of Print

Now is the time to experience and witness the book take shape. It’s the exciting stage that you get to see both the cover and the interior completed. This is the first printed copy of your novel!


The distribution will be initiated automatically when you’ve approved the proof you have printed. Over 39,000 wholesalers, retailers, and bookshops across 200 countries will be able to access your book. It will also be made available on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Booksamillion.com.


You may already have an idea of how to promote your work, but MindStir Media’s staff are experts in book launches. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss marketing your book together with your project manager. You can also arrange an appointment with the bestselling writer J.J. Hebert during this process.

If the publishing package you’ve chosen includes public relations or marketing services, they’ll be implementing these at this point too. The ways you can advertise your book are:

Marketing via social media
Online PPC advertising which includes Google, Twitter and Facebook Ads
Create and launch a website for yourself or the book
Create a Goodread Author Profile, the most popular social network site for those who love books
Create an Amazon Author Page
Create an Exclusive Book Press Release
Interviews with authors and/or blog site reviews
Book Review Service
Book Exhibits, participate at international and domestic book fairs
Traditional advertising, including catalogue ads and magazines

Order Fulfilment

The most appealing aspect of selecting an organization like MindStir Media is that they manage every order you receive. There’s no need to visit your book storage or mail every order as they arrive. They’ll manage all fulfilment of your order through their printer/ distributor and vendors. The customer will only receive an email once your order is accepted and is fulfilled.


Every time an order is received, it’s fulfilled by MindStir Media. Each quarter, you be sent an official royalty statement along with the payment.

MindStir Media Packages

They offer 10 basic paperback/ebook packages starting at $1,899, which allows you to create your book which is then barcoded, published and then distributed.

The top package is $24,999, which includes an endorsement by the Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. They have also recently launched an option similar to the top tier that lets authors get the endorsement of actress and writer Mariel Hemingway. She is the daughter of Ernest Hemingway.

Children’s books in full color and hardcover books are also offered in various packages.


Mindstir Media is a great platform for self-publishing. The process is effortless, as all the processes are managed well and executed professionally. This is crucial when you’ve never written previously.

So, to answer the question: Is This Self-Publishing Platform Worth It? Yes Absolutely! If you truly desire to bring your ideas for a book to reality, then you must certainly try this platform.

Visit their socials:

Twitter: twitter.com/mindstirmedia
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindstirmedia/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mindstirmedia/

MindStir Media
1 New Hampshire Ave Suite 125, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States

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