Say”hello” To AdSmart from Sky the innovative new method for companies to promote their products and services across television channels.

According to Sky Television is, according to Sky, the most effective method of advertising. If you’re not currently promoting using this method, we’ll explain the advantages that it can offer and explain why AdSmart from Sky could be the perfect solution.

What is AdSmart?

It’s a type of advertising that is tailored to the audience you want to reach. Unique in that it is able to display different advertisements to different households while they’re watching the same show. It means only the viewers will be able to see your ads. Similar to the results you can achieve all over the world by using Google or Facebook advertising.

Is AdSmart the right choice For My Business?

If you answered yes to one of the following questions, then your marketing strategy could benefit by using a Sky AdSmart agency if:

You’d like be different from rivals
You’d like to expand your company
You’re trying to increase sales or increase brand recognition
You’re trying to reach an audience, a particular region or postcode

Okay, so what are the benefits of using AdSmart?

There are many reasons you should consider using AdSmart from Sky and we’ve put together an overview of the advantages:

You can target your public’s appeal based on geographic area and other attributes.
You can market to multiple households, even if you’re on the same programs
You can make use of your own customer information to create segments that are custom to you.
The minimum amount to spend is P3,000.
Viewers won’t know that they’ve seen the AdSmart from Sky advert, but they’ll see other relevant advertisements

How Much Does It Cost?

AdSmart from Sky lets TV advertising be accessible to both large and small companies.

The minimum is £3,000 expenditure for campaigns. This can give you a prime television spot alongside major brands during breaks. Additionally, advertising on Sky is less expensive than traditional television advertising since you are able to tune to more variables like the duration, the target audience and even location.

Another benefit of AdSmart that isn’t included in Sky’s cost is the amount of your advert has to be seen by the audience before it is considered an impression. The standard is 75% which is higher than average and makes this kind of advertising cost-effective.

When will I be charged?

In contrast to Pay-PerClick ads which is charged each time someone clicks your advertisement, you’ll be charged when 75% or more of the viewers view your ad.

Sound Great! But who else has used It?

This brand new method of television advertising is expected to gain popularity in the coming years. However, we’ve found the names you’re sure to recognize who have utilized AdSmart on Sky:

Silent Night
Glasgow Subway
Sky as well as Virgin Media
House of House of
London Stanstead Airport

The potential of AdSmart in Sky is immense and we’re confident the technology is going to be even more popular over the coming years. Why not take advantage of the rest?

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