The global market can be a lucrative platform for the companies that want to grow. To establish a global presence companies must communicate with their clients and there’s no other method than the internet to reach out to them. However, the language and barriers to communication can be danger to any business expansion. A report released in 2014 by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union shows that the internet is an international marketplace with more than 3 million users. However, only 28 percent are English natives.

This is why it is crucial for companies to support multilingual communication by the localization of websites. Here are some other advantages of translating websites:

1. English isn’t the primary language

A majority of internet users speak languages including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, English, French or Malay. A report by Common Sense Advisory in 2014 indicates that 72% of the internet users prefer sites that speak their language.

2. Increased Revenue

Website translation can increase profits. In the Common Sense Advisory in 2014, 72% of the people who visit websites are likely purchase products if the information is in their language of origin. Making a website multilingual will give your business a wide exposure.

3. Boost consumer confidence in your products

A website that is in the language spoken by the user increases their trust of your offerings. This is due to the fact that they are more familiar with the content. This establishes an immediate connection between you and your customers.

4. Improve the search result ranking

Website translation services can make an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly website having specific keyword strategies. This attracts more people to your website. Translating your contents and keywords increases your chances of achieving a higher search results and give your site more exposure. You can seek help from professional websites for translation and localization companies (like the ones we offer). We can efficiently meet your language requirements and needs.

5. Gain you a Competitive Edge

Based on a survey from 2011 by the European Commission, 90% Europeans visit a website in their language of origin. 42% of them do not buy products when the language used differs from their mother tongue. In the end, a multilingual website will ensure that you are ahead of the pack.

Translating your website into other languages will help increase your customer base , and also help your company grow. If you’re in the market for an experienced website translation company and localization services, feel you are free to contact us at any time.

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