Are you looking to get into a international market? If so, you’ll likely need assistance from a translation firm.

Is your main goal success? If so, it’s recommended to engage a professional translation company.

Of course, there’s also Google translate that is totally free.

You can also ask your child’s English instructor to interpret your idea for the cost of an agency.

Then why bother to go an extra mile to call on professional translation services?

Then, you could as well read our article to learn the benefits of hiring a certified translation service.

1. Translation companies offer top-quality translation

A professional translation firm can provide the best high-quality services. Simply put the freelance translator will just translate your text, but. For localization and proofreading, you’ll need to search for another person.

However hiring a translation agency is guaranteed top-quality services. Translation service providers test their clients, then screen them, and then hire professional translators.

They have translators who are experts in a particular field, like website design or legal translation, for instance. After analyzing your needs, they pick the perfect translator, proofreader, and reviewer for your project.

There’s usually a couple of people checking the translated content as well as a machine that can conduct automated checks.

A translation agency will have the best workflow, qualified staff and the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality.

2. Translation Company provides all-in-one services

When you’re trying to adapt your content for a brand new market, you require more than only translation. You will need localization tests, linguistic testing on desktop publishing, and many more.

Localization is just as important as translation. It ensures that all content will be adapted to the market your aiming for . This includes layout, colour palettes, images, and even your logo and slogan.

Oftentimes translation service companies hire native speakers who are familiar with the local culture and the language of the target market. They will ensure that even the tiniest details are correct and that there aren’t any ambiguities or ambiguities.

Additionally having an SEO strategy will ensure your success. A company will handle that too, so you don’t have to worry about it! While professional translators are well-educated on the subject, many freelance translators don’t know the way SEO works.

Translation companies can provide all sorts of services including web evaluation and even proofreading. They will take care of the full-circle management of your project, meaning you won’t need to worry about everything!

3. A translation company is honest in all areas

Operating a translation agency is similar to any other business. It is the reason that every company has its terms and conditions.

You will be presented with the terms and conditions of the business from the beginning. A professional translation service provider will offer a written quote that includes all the details such as the project’s name and type of text and payment terms, confidentiality and delivery deadlines, among others.

When beginning to work on a project, the company must make sure that the customer accepts the quotation. So, you be aware of the value for your money. Furthermore, the translation company will ensure that there are no miscommunications or misunderstandings.

4. Translation companies maintain confidentiality

If you contract an agency to translate your documents, you should not be concerned about sensitive information which needs to remain private. The quotation containing all the specifics of the project typically will include this information.

They have advanced technology, own servers and protocols to ensure that quality is maintained in the whole supply chain.

Furthermore, the vast majority of professional translators are members of professional associations. These unions have strict codes of conduct, one of which is to keep sensitive information secret.

5. Capacity greater than translators working as freelancers

A professional translation company is imperative in the case of a massive project. The reason behind this is quite simple: a translation service company has a bigger capacity than a single freelance translator.

Freelancers generally are self-employed and have a capacity of around 2000 words per hour.

Companies, on the other hand, have teams of a specialist in different spheres that work in tandem to provide the best quality services possible.

Furthermore, these firms are equipped to ensure consistency throughout the translation process. They use workflow systems, which control even the smallest details.

6. Modern tools and technology

Translation tools are an essential part of the translation process nowadays, however, the software used for translation is a significant investment, one that freelance translators often cannot afford.

Translation management software or computer-assisted translator (CAT) tools help trained Linguists to maintain consistency in style and tone throughout longer texts.

Moreover, even customers can benefit from translation software as it can cut down on costs of translation.

It is crucial to note that by deciding to partner with one particular company, you may be able to build a memory for translation. This in turn can leverage future projects and decrease translation costs.

7. Single point of contact

A translation service has one huge advantage that cannot be undervalued one contact. You will have contact just with the person in charge of the project.

The project manager is in charge of the communication between all those working on the project.

It is also their responsibility to provide every particular to the client and keep them updated.


If you decide to work with freelance translators, you will have to interact with each one of the proofreaders, translators as well as backup translators. separately. This can prolong and complicate the process of translation.

Translation companies, on contrary, can take care of everything. As a result, the time and energy you spend on the project are significantly reduced.

In the case of any translation project, achieving the most effective results is possible. be made to appear like an easy task by relying on an organized and professional assistance. This way you are assured that everything goes according to plan!

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