The next version of the Analogue Pocket positively glows. Analogue revealed a new edition of its retro handheld today, and while it’s the same as the original functionally, this one glows in the dark. When the lights are on, the device is a pale green color, and the company says that the plastic housing can glow for up to eight hours when charged by various light sources (including incandescent light bulb, direct sunlight, or blacklight). It is, naturally, called the Pocket Glow.

It’ll also likely be pretty tough to get your hands on. The Glow will cost $249.99 (a bump from the $219 of the original version), and the company says it will be available in “highly limited quantities.” It goes on sale on September 1st at 11AM ET on Analogue’s site, while orders are expected to start shipping out on September 5th.

Talk about a glow up. Image: Analogue and Image: Analogue

That’s pretty fast considering the relatively slow rollout of the original Pocket, which officially launched back in 2021. Orders have been shipped out in waves, and Analogue is now saying that “100 percent of all remaining open Pocket preorders will be shipped by this Monday.” The company also says that it’s getting a “huge restock” of Pocket accessories.

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