Google is tweaking Android to offer a new prompt in the face of software crashes that reminds you to update your damn apps.

“Update the app to fix crashes,” the prompt says, according to Esper’s senior technical editor Mishaal Rahman. “The app stopped working, but the latest update for the app may fix the issue. Install the update and then open the app again.”

Obviously the prompt is only going to help if an app isn’t already fully updated. If you’re already running its latest version and it’s still crashing, then frustratingly it’s likely that a fix isn’t available (yet). Still, given the amount of times I’ve personally been able to resolve crashing issues with a simple update, I’m hoping that the new prompt will be more helpful than not. 

According to Google’s support page, the new prompt is rolling out with version 33.2 of the Google Play Store app this week. It’s one of a number of tweaks and fixes coming to Android this month, which also includes a new automatic update feature for people with limited mobile data and no access to Wi-Fi. 

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