Caltech has had some ups (winning $1.1 billion) and some downs (losing the $1.1 billion award and being ordered to a trial on damages) since suing Apple and Broadcom in 2016 over Wi-Fi patents. Reuters reported this week that Caltech is dropping its yearslong lawsuit against Apple and Broadcom, about two months after the companies came to a “potential settlement.”

Caltech wrote in a filing with a US District Court in California that it would drop its claims “with prejudice,” meaning it can’t refile its case, and asked that Broadcom do so as well, stating later that Broadcom “does not oppose this request.” Caltech also writes that it will dismiss its claims against Apple — again, “with prejudice.”

The filing then says that Caltech “respectfully requests that all counterclaims asserted by Apple also be dismissed.”

Caltech settled its lawsuit with Samsung earlier this year. As Reuters notes, the institute has also filed patent cases against Microsoft, Dell, and HP.

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