Disney is releasing a 100-film Blu-ray collection on November 14th called the Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection (via The Wrap). Preorders will start on September 18th at Walmart.com, and we regret to inform you it will cost $1,500, according to The Wrap.

The collection includes movies from both Disney and Pixar, all crammed into three volumes of discs that span Disney’s entire feature film history from 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to this year’s Elemental.

What’s really impressive is how little filler this package seems to have. Scrolling through the list that The Wrap published, it has every single movie I’d have wanted to see, like all of the Toy Story movies, both of The Incredibles, The Black Cauldron, Frankenweenie, and Robin Hood, but very few of the mediocre direct-to-video snoozers the company produced so many of over the years.

Each volume folds out into a storybook-style presentation, with pages showing poster art for the movies, their release years, and a character quote from each. The collection also comes with digital codes for each movie. (“Sorry, everyone,” you’ll say, “I can’t come out tonight because I’m claiming Disney digital copies.”)

There’s also a lithograph poster for Disney’s upcoming Wish, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and a fancy crystal Mickey Mouse ears cap. According to the certificate shown in the video, the set has “18 Blu-ray discs with bonus content from Pixar.”

We’ve reached out to Disney for more details and will update here if we get a response.

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