When Lumafield told me I could stick anything I liked into its $54,000 a year CT scanner, I filled an entire backpack with gadgets — because I knew I wanted to share my newfound Superman X-ray vision with you.

Here, we’re collecting every video we’ve filmed of those scans so far — showcasing what you can see inside the latest gamepads, a vintage Polaroid camera, a Stream Deck, and more. Soon, we’ll add the very first Android phone and an original PalmPilot.


I used an incredible X-ray machine to look inside my gadgets — let me show youMy Polaroid OneStep SX-70, as reconstructed by a Lumafield Neptune.

I am that guy who asks airport security if I can photograph my luggage going through the X-ray machine. I’m also the guy who spent a solid hour scrubbing through the CT scan of my broken jaw with a mix of horror and utter fascination. You could say I’ve been on a bit of a spectral imaging kick.

So when a startup called Lumafield told me I could put as many things as I wanted into its $54,000 a year radiographic density scanning machine… let’s just say I’ve a sneaking suspicion they didn’t think I’d take it literally.

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Inside a Polaroid — with X-ray vision.

No batteries to install, no cables to plug in: so how does this vintage camera eject its film? Look inside to find out.

X-ray vision, magnetic-battery-pack-that-doubles as-a-game-system edition.

Last time, we did a Stream Deck Mini. Today, it’s a weird but neat way to play games when your phone is dead.

Next time… how about a particularly awesome gamepad?

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