Gmail experienced some issues with delayed emails twice this week: on Thursday and again on Friday.

On Thursday at 12:31PM ET, Google wrote on Gmail’s Workspace Status Dashboard that “customers impacted by this issue may see delay in sending the emails,” but at 5:03PM ET, the company posted an update that indicates things were fixed.

The Thursday issues affected at least two of us here at The Verge. Earlier that day, emails sent from our personal emails to our work accounts took a while to show up. Weirdly, emails from our work emails to our personal Gmails sent just fine. 9to5Google reported the opposite, finding that personal emails worked as expected while Workspace account emails weren’t arriving as expected.

On Friday, Google reported in a 2:24PM ET Gmail status message that email delays popped up again starting at 1:52PM ET. These issues were resolved more quickly, with Google confirming at 3:36PM ET that things were fixed.

Downdetector showed that more than 700 people reported issues with Gmail on Thursday, and on Friday, Downdetector reports topped out at a little over 100,  so there may not have been widespread issues. But for those who were dealing with problems, it was probably a pain — especially in the middle of two US weekday workdays.

Google didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

Update December 1st, 4:13PM ET: Added details of the Gmail outage on Friday.

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