Google is introducing a new widget for its notes and lists app Keep, which will let you put a single interactive note on your home screen. With it, you’ll be able to check items off a list, which could be handy for a to-do or grocery list.

While you can force one of Keep’s current widgets to show just a single note using the tags system, doing so isn’t as simple as just selecting one to display on your home screen. Plus, Keep’s existing widgets don’t have the level of interactivity that Google’s promising with its new widget; if you try to mark off checkboxes, it’ll just open the app instead of actually checking it off like the single note widget will.

The new Keep single note widget will let you keep a checklist on your homescreen. Gif: Google

Of course, many dedicated task list apps have let you manage tasks using a widget. However, it’s nice to see that Google’s paying some attention to Keep and adding what feels like an obvious feature to it.

Google also says there are new Keep complications coming for Wear OS 3 and up, which will act as shortcuts to creating notes and to-do lists.

The company hasn’t said exactly when these features will roll out, just that it’ll be “soon,” so keep (ha) your eyes out for them.

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