Huion has showcased the two latest additions to its Kamvas Pro range of display drawing tablets at CES, targeting budget-conscious creatives with professional features like high color accuracy and touchscreen support. 

The Huion Kamvas Pro 27 and Kamvas Pro 19 are now available to buy in the US for $1,999 and $1,099, respectively, following their initial launch in China on December 15th, and share some similarities with Wacom’s much pricier Cintiq Pro lineup. The product range from both companies features a 4K resolution and paper-like anti-glare glass display, which has been specially bonded to reduce parallax (that gap between the stylus nib and the cursor), for example.

Both versions of the new Kamvas Pro range ship with two pens and Huion’s Keydial Mini K20 macro pad accessory (pictured). Image: Huion

Color accuracy is also a standout feature for both product lineups, with the Kamvas Pro 27’s Delta E

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