E3 will no longer be happening in 2023. It didn’t seem likely after Nintendo said it wouldn’t be there, Microsoft said it would be skipping the show floor, and Ubisoft committed to going and then backed out, but on March 30th, organizer ReedPop officially called off the convention.

Still, we already know of some promising summer gaming shows to look forward to. As we get closer to June, it seems likely that more gaming companies will announce events of some kind to get in on the excitement.

Here’s all of our coverage of E3’s cancellation and what comes next.

Two hours ago

Jay Peters

E3 might be gone, but this summer still has some big gaming events to watchHeard of a game called Starfield?

Two hours ago

Ash Parrish

I never went to E3, but I’ll miss it anywaysE3 represented the opportunity to make connections and hear stories one might not experience otherwise.

Mar 30

Jay Peters and Ash Parrish

E3 2023 has been canceledGaming’s big show was set to return this year, but it’s being called off.

Mar 27

Jay Peters

Ubisoft bails on E3 in favor of its own show in Los AngelesInstead, it will host Ubisoft Forward Live on June 12th in Los Angeles.

Mar 10

Jay Peters

Xbox is skipping the E3 2023 show floorXbox will be hosting its big showcase on June 11th, but it won’t have a booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Feb 24

Jay Peters

Nintendo confirms it won’t be part of E3 2023The company says the show didn’t fit into its plans, and it’s possible that Sony and Microsoft won’t be showing up, either.

Jan 30

Jay Peters

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are reportedly all skipping E3 2023The big gaming expo may be a lot smaller this year.

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