Ahead of CES 2024, Tesla and Samsung announced today that they’re teaming up on energy management for smart homes. Users of Samsung’s SmartThings platform will be able to connect to Tesla products like the Powerwall home battery so that you can keep track of things like energy production and your usage.

When connected to the Powerwall, SmartThings Energy can sync with the “Storm Watch” feature so that you’re notified of heavy weather on a Samsung phone or TV, for example. In addition to the Powerwall, SmartThings Energy will be able to connect to other Tesla products, including its electric vehicles, Solar Inverter, and Wall Connector charging solutions.

The collaboration is possible thanks to Tesla’s API, which Samsung claims SmartThings Energy is the first to take advantage of.

The Powerwall connection is going to be on display at Samsung’s booth at CES next week, but it’s not targeted for a wider release until “the second quarter of 2024,” Samsung says. The blog post also cautions that features listed in it may change, so what you can do may differ when this is all actually available.

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