Back in January, Sony said the PlayStation 5 shortage was ending. We’re now starting to see some irrefutable proof of that because not only are the consoles readily available at most retailers but also Woot is selling the PS5 for an actual discount. Right now, you can get the PS5 console bundle with God of War Ragnarök for $529.99 from Woot, a $30 discount off the bundle’s normal price. Note: it is exclusively offered through Woot’s app.

While this deal may be going up in the middle of the night (it started at 1AM) and is scheduled to last a full day, it’s best that you act quickly because there’s a good chance it will sell out before the day is over. If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a PS5, this is a nice opportunity to get one paired with the biggest Sony exclusive of 2022 — buying the bundle means that you’re essentially getting God of War Ragnarök for $30 ($40 off its standalone price). Ragnarök is an excellent open-world follow-up to 2018’s God of War reboot — and one of the biggest games of 2022.


A bundle of the disc-equipped PlayStation 5 with a voucher for the digital version of God of War Ragnarök, a title exclusive to Sony’s hardware.

This is the standard version of Sony’s console with a Blu-ray disc drive, in addition to the included 825GB SSD that’s present on both it and the cheaper Digital Edition of the PS5. (Note that about 667GB of that storage is actually usable.) Despite the presence of a disc drive, this bundle gives you its included flagship game as a voucher code for a digital download, which is totally fine but perhaps not ideal if you prefer physical copies to collect or resell later.

Boy! An actual deal on the PS5! Image: Santa Monica Studio

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