The launch of the slimmer PlayStation 5 is just weeks away, and one user seems to have already gotten their hands on the updated console. In a series of images posted to X (formerly Twitter), user @phantompainss shows how the updated console stacks against its chunkier counterpart.

The new PS5 looks like it’ll have a slightly smaller footprint when compared to the original console. Not only does it have a slimmer profile than the standard PS5, but it’s also a couple of inches shorter as well. Despite the thinner design, the back of the device appears to retain the same ports as its predecessor, including an HDMI port, two USB ports, a power connector, and an ethernet port.

The images also appear to confirm rumors that the PS5’s detachable disc drive will require an internet connection during setup. One of the photos shows a notification that reads, “Can’t use your disc drive. You need to connect your PS5 to the network to register your disc drive to your PS5.”

Rumors suggest that you’ll only have to pair the console to the disc drive just once, but it’s still sparking concerns over whether users will still be able to use the drive if Sony shuts down authentication servers for the PS5 and its disc drive in the future. You can view the full gallery of images on @phantompainss’ profile.

Sony plans on releasing the new PS5 console sometime in November, but the company still hasn’t confirmed an exact launch date. The PS5 with the disc drive will cost $499.99, while the digital version is priced at $449.99.

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