TweetDeck’s new name is officially here: XPro. If you visit this URL for TweetDeck while logged out, you should see “XPro” at the top of the page (via 9to5Google). Elon Musk, the owner of X, the company formerly known as Twitter, announced the XPro name last week.

Like much of Twitter’s rebranding to X, there are still a lot of vestiges of the old brand on the page. The image on the landing page still prominently features the Twitter bird logo, and a tagline on the page reads “a powerful, real-time tool for people who live on Twitter.”

However, there are a handful of additional XPro mentions on the page as well, including a line asking if you might be “looking for the legacy version of XPro?,” a link to “go to legacy XPro” (though that takes you a TweetDeck login page) and, at the bottom of the page, a link to the XPro Terms (which takes you to a page currently titled “TweetDeck Preview Program”).

One change we’re still waiting for is for XPro to become a subscriber-only benefit, but that could happen very soon. On July 3rd, the company’s support account said that XPro would only be available for those who pay to be verified “in 30 days,” so if X keeps its word, that change is going to happen imminently.

As part of that announcement, X said it would be launching the long-in-the-works TweetDeck Preview as TweetDeck 2.0, but as of this writing, I’m still able to use the older version of the app.

The full X rebranding is slowly rolling out across the platform, including on the company’s Android and iOS apps. A giant, flashing X logo was briefly added to the top of the X headquarters in San Francisco before being dismantled.

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