When you’re trying to pick the best Internet connection to your workplace the best option initially would be wireless broadband. But, like all options you have to make, there are going to be many advantages that you must be aware of. Here are a few advantages you should take into consideration when choosing the Wi-Fi you want to use.

Advantage Connectivity

Another reason to think about wireless broadband is the connectivity. There are no cables required to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Other networks require Ethernet cables in order to link devices. this could quickly turn complicated and difficult to organize in the office. Also, employees won’t be able to move freely about the office using their devices.

If you choose wireless broadband, you are able to connect multiple devices to your network – including laptops and desktops to smartphones and printers and smart watches. This means you’ll be able to connect an array of equipment to your network without problem.

A disadvantage – Signal Strength

A drawback you need to keep an eye on when using Wi-Fi is the strength of signal. The farther you are from your router, the less strong the signal will be. Therefore, you must ensure that you place the router at an best position in your office.

The signal won’t be able to travel through walls that are thick which is why in the case of an unusually-shaped office, you will have employees with higher signal levels than other employees. This can be corrected making use of mesh networks. This will give you one central hub as well as an array of boosters which will form an expanded mesh over the entire office. This will hopefully stop the loss of signal strength regardless of where you’re in the office or in the event that you need to travel to meetings or to work.

If you are having trouble with your signal strength why not use a broadband comparison site to find a better deal?

Advantage Speed

You’ll be able to choose a variety of speeds based on the needs and size of your company. Be sure to select the appropriate speed according to the number of devices in your network as well as the needs and activities of your company.

A high-tech office that performs much all of their work on the internet is bound require a robust broadband connection, compared to what other offices might require. You may find that you require 500 Mbps for download speed, but you could be able to do just fine with 300 Mbps. Each office is unique however there are many connections that can aid you in getting the ideal speed for your requirements.

Although you’ll be able to achieve the speed you require, it’s essential to monitor how fast your broadband. It could slow down as time passes however it should be quite simple to fix it whether you must keep track of the connected devices or just upgrade your broadband all-around. The speed shouldn’t be a problem with regards to the Wi-Fi you have, so make sure you’re not trying to make it work with the connection that doesn’t make sense for you.

Advantage – Security

It is imperative to ensure that your Wi-Fi is password protected regardless of the nature of your business and wherever you may be in. It’s impossible to know who might attempt to use the wireless connection that is open. While you are using the bandwidth you pay for, there is a good possibility that the security your personal information could be compromised.

If you want to give guests visiting your business a Wi-Fi network then you must consider creating the guest network guests can access. This means you’ll still be able to provide access to visitors to your premises without having be concerned over the protection of your data or other features of your internet.

Benefit – VoIP

VoIP, also known as VoIP – or voice over Internet Protocol is a convenient feature that lets you make video and phone calls by using your broadband wireless connection instead of calling using a phone. Many apps like WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to make these calls with your personal number, however, you can setup VoIP using your business phone number as well.

It lets you and your employees to have your company’s telephone regardless of where you may be. If you’re curious about the benefits VoIP can do for your business Contact us today to learn what you can about it and whether it would be a good fit for your needs.

An internet connection that is wireless could be exactly what your company requires. If you’d like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that wireless connections could provide, or if you’re interested in learning more about the options available to your company contact our experts right now.

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