Away from the wards and hospital floor, there are offices in the background that need to be set up correctly. Unlike the standard office spaces, some office screens and designs aren’t suitable for this environment due to finish and style.

Medical spaces are designed for high level sanitization and the office spaces need to be tailored in a way to make this possible.

Hot Desk

Hospital shifts aren’t your normal 9-5 and could see shifts being split, covering day and night patterns. The need for a personal desk for each person might not be a must, so not only can that help with budgets but also with office space.

Hot desking is a method used most commonly in call centres but definitely has a place outside of the standard office set up. Hot desking is where more than one person will use a desk throughout the day, creating a room of communal desk spaces.

If you’re working on split shifts, low on space and want to use the space wisely, hot desking could be a clever move.

Whilst hot desking can be successful, there must be some ground rules in place. Especially in a medical environment and with members coming to and from the wards, cleanliness needs to be exceptional. Clearing down, tidying and sanitizing is a must, not only for reducing the spread of germs but to be considerate to others.

Anti-bacterial Screen

To work along side those hot desk set ups, anti-bacterial desktop dividers are a great addition. With minimal upkeep needed, the anti-bacterial design is perfect for a busy environment.

Unlike standard desktop partitions, the anti-bacterial design incorporates a treated material which stunts the grow of germs and bacteria. For even more protection, the material is urine and blood resistant.

Whilst the material can be wiped clean, full sanitization isn’t required as the desktop partition is already doing the work for you. A gentle wipe down is all that’s required for the general maintenance of the Anti-bacterial Desktop Dividers.

Acrylic Dividers

Acrylic screens are efficient, hardwearing, and almost undetectable.

Clear desktop dividers are easily clamped to desk and provide a division between desktops. In comparison to the Anti-bacterial desktop divider, the acrylic can be fully disinfected to control bacteria.

However, rather than a full opaque screen, blocking out other desks, the clear divide brings a different take to the office design. The clear acrylic allows full desk visibility, contributing to easy conversation and viewing the people you work with. Clear screens won’t reduce the natural light, and add a discreet, modern look.

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