How does a facial recognition security camera find faces?

With security cameras that recognize facial expressions, you are able to protect your business and home effortlessly while receiving fewer false alarms.

So , how do facial recognition IP cameras recognize humans’ and pets faces?

Here’s the complete procedure:

#1. Start a Database of Faces You Know

For your facial recognition security cameras “learn” your faces, first, you must to create the database of your favorite faces. Practical methods include asking your family members and your friends to stand in front of the cameras and showing their photos towards the cameras.

The majority of security cameras that recognize faces are capable of storing 16 to 32 faces which is enough for home or small business use.

#2. Security Cameras that have Facial Recognition can detect and Match Faces

Facial recognition cameras employ different methods and techniques to recognize faces, such as 3-D models, matching faces in videos or images, and analysing the whole face or only a few features, and more.

When they have gathered the faces within their viewing range security cameras equipped with facial recognition will compare those faces to the database with the help of advanced software.

#3. Instant Alerts Will Be Posted Once Unknown Faces Are Detected

If security cameras that recognize faces match faces with your database, they will know there are familiar faces and won’t notify you.

On the contrary, if there are any suspect faces the facial recognition security cameras will give you instant notifications or even call the police on your behalf.

Alongside face recognition security cameras that have facial recognition have other unique benefits that help them stand out from their competitors. Here we have listed several of them:

Benefit 1. Security Cameras that can recognize faces provide Higher Accurate Recognition Performance

With the help of powerful algorithms by facial recognition security cameras are able to significantly reduce false alarms. This includes ones that are triggered by changing lighting or tree movement, as well as wind.

The same has been confirmed by an element of MIT research that examined the facial recognition systems of 2018 developed through Microsoft, IBM and the China-based Face++ and indicated that their accuracy in identifying genders has hit 90% for skin with light colors males and 70% females with darker skin.

It is also anticipated that security cameras that have facial recognition will make it possible to identify faces with angles and faces with sunglasses or a mask, or even old faces, which is almost impossible for traditional security cameras.

Benefit 2. CCTV Cameras that recognize faces recognize animals, pets, and Other objects

Certain leading security camera brands have been pushing the limits of what facial recognition IP cameras can achieve such as recognizing faces to detecting animals and common objects in your daily everyday.

This technology has come to life because of the sophisticated facial recognition systems incorporating AI technology and machine learning algorithms developed by tech firms like Google and Intel.

Additionally, these cameras equipped with AI that have facial recognition also show their worth in the annual image recognition competition: they are better than humans when it comes to identifying various corgi breeds.

Benefit 3. Security Cameras that have Facial Recognition Improve Security Level

As we mentioned earlier the facial recognition cameras provide accurate results when finding people, and also detecting animals and objects.

These CCTV cameras that are installed in your office or home can serve as powerful “guards”, which will notify you immediately if they detect unidentified faces or visitors who aren’t welcome in your store or home.

Apart from the use at home and in business Face recognition IP cameras also make their way into various other places including train stations, airports as well as other areas with a significant foot traffic. Through these security cameras, police officers can identify terrorists and criminals after they’re under surveillance cameras.

Benefit 4. Facial Recognition IP Cameras Provide Numerous Advanced Features

Aside from facial recognition, modern CCTV cameras with facial recognition are able to automatically track and record people and cars with unfamiliar license plates around your house.

In addition, certain security cameras for facial recognition include a heat map recording mode and also analysis mode which provide comprehensive protection for your home and business.

Security Cameras with Facial Recognition that are actually used There are some concerns you could face

You will be amazed by the impressive security cameras that recognize faces and you would like to give them the chance to test it?

Before you plunge your toes into the water, you may take a closer look at the potential issues you encounter when using security cameras with facial recognition.

Concern 1. The Facial Recognition price of the CCTV Camera is Relatively Expensive

Like the prices of mobile phones in the 70s, the cost of facial recognition security cameras is relatively high now and ranges from $150 to more than $300 for a single camera. This means they are more expensive than average cameras for security that use facial recognition.

Furthermore, some facial recognition for security cameras or facial recognition security camera software may require additional subscription fees beginning at $10 per month, which is an expensive expense in the long run.

Concern 2. Facial Reconnaissance Security Cameras may intrude into privacy

There are a few people who remain skeptical of the increasing use of security cameras with facial recognition systems because of privacy concerns.

These concerns don’t come from nowhere – citizens may feel constantly monitored in public spaces and their personal information could be disclosed regardless of their awareness.

Confronted with privacy concerns and social issues brought by the usage of facial recognition cameras, certain institutions have come out with strict regulations to protect citizen’s rights.

For instance In Europe, it is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that the citizens are entitled to their privacy rights and any violation of privacy could result in harsh penalties.

Concern 3. Facial Recognition IP Cameras Deliver Undesirable Results

Although many security camera manufacturers are racing to create and market a facial recognition security cameras, the performance of these CCTV cameras currently available isn’t completely precise and is mostly dependent on factors such as camera’s angle, lighting and outfit changes.

According to expert media reviews as well as feedback from customers that some of the less-than-qualified security cameras with facial recognition could take some time to learn faces or not detect faces in the first place.

There are also sellers who willfully market their products as security cameras that recognize faces to deceive the customers. However the security cameras don’t include any technology to recognize human faces.

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