A new renewable technology promises, hope in overcoming the energy crisis. Renewable energy has until now relied on 3 key options, Hydro, wind turbines and Solar panels.

Adopting new methods to generate electricity has become a critical topic as governments attempt to mitigate the impacts of climate change caused by carbon emission.  It is widely accepted that as a result of over using fossil fuel energy carbon is in the atmosphere is progressively increasing too quickly.  

Fossil fuel is the only reason we can turn on the lights and manufacture the things we need, so we cannot stop using it.  The demands for electricity are increasing daily and the current renewable technology  currently is only capable of supplying a small amount of this electricity increasing slowly over the past 10 years. 

Active Kinetic 1 is a new type of energy technology. The Active Kinetic 1 systems are capable of opening the doors to new sources of untapped kinetic energy.  The system can operate large scale commercial electricity and adapts for use with technology such as (IoT) Internet of Things.

The technology used is a motion energy technology that harvests movement to generate use or store its electricity in batteries like a solar system. The technology operates in conditions that solar cannot challenge.  The technology is the first of its kind and is showing promising signs to be a winning worldwide solution.

Active Kinetic 1 are in the United Kingdom where the governments ambitions are to be a global leader in energy.  This technology will be a major boost to the existing renewable technology mix, will increase energy  security options and  drive the UK toward a faster net zero goal.  If the technology is as successful and durable in prototype there is a lot of confidence it will achieve the same or better results in practice.  Active Kinetic 1 aims to integrate various off grid and IoT solutions to reduce grid dependence. Off-grid electricity is necessary for rural areas without access to the grid electricity. The technology can help in remote locations, reliable and sustainable energy sources, cost-effectiveness, Independence from grid failures.

Active Kinetic 1 offers a way to capture and reuse energy that would have been otherwise wasted, providing a viable solution with a variety of applications that stretches from harvesting human energy, agriculture & farming to space travel. Active Kinetic 1 has a wide range of applications, including in wearable devices, wireless sensors, smart cities, and renewable energy systems. Wireless sensors that use KEH can be self-sustaining and operate for long periods of time without the need for battery replacements.

A great example are wearable devices that use Active Kinetic 1 to prolong battery life by generating electricity from the movement of the user.

Another application is in renewable energy systems, such as wave or tidal energy systems. These systems harness the kinetic energy of ocean waves or tides to generate electricity.

It may require many renewable energy solution to tackle the current energy crisis, but technology will increase our success. As energy demands are set to increase exponentially, we currently underestimate future demands.

All the various forms of renewable energy, such as hydro electric, solar, power, farms, wind farms, offshore wind farms, they only substitute a small percentage of the energy retrieved worldwide from burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuels send a variety of substances into the atmosphere, causing climate change and in the worst cases acid rain.  We cannot stop using fossil fuels or even reduce usage until new solution are available.

A new dawn of renewable technology that promises to replace fossil fuel energy and improve the existing technology can be provided by kinetic energy harvesting. Active kinetic 1 have produced several working prototypes that have never failed to work.

For more information on motion energy electricity head on over to the Active kinetic 1 website…

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