Peloton has officially launched its brand new Bike+ offering various enhancements and improvements its predecessor, the Peloton Bike. Alongside the Bike+ debut, Peloton also dropped the cost of the regular Bike which creates a difficult issue for existing Peloton owners and those who are new alike. We will sum all the information we have concerning the bike vs Bike Plus Peloton.

Peloton Bike vs Bike+ pricing

For many the most significant distinction between Bike or Bike+ Bike+ lies in the price structure. The Bike+ costs cost of $600 more than the Bike and Bike, with the Bike being priced at $1,895 while the Bike+ costs $2,495. The price differences across markets are shown below:


$1,895 in US
$2,495 in Canada
PS1,750 in the UK
EUR 2,145 in Germany


$2,495 in US
$3,295 in Canada
PS2,295 in the UK
EUR 2,690 in Germany


The $600 price tag is a bit steep but, you also receive a variety of additional options and features when you purchase the Bikeplus. Based on the way you intend to utilize your Peloton the features can effectively justify the additional cost. Here are a few features.

Its Peloton Bike+ features a slightly larger screen, measuring 23.8-inches in comparison to the Bike’s 22-inch display. The main difference is the style for the screen. Its Bike+ screen is swivel-able so that you can turn the screen to turn towards the side during bootcamp classes. It is the Peloton bike’s display is held and doesn’t support swiveling.

It’s also compatible with Apple Watch. Peloton Bike+ also features support for Apple Watch. With Apple’s GymKit platform that your Apple Watch can exchange data in conjunction with Peloton Bike+, including heart rate information. This allows for more accurate information about your heart’s activity for the Apple Watch, and the possibility to begin an exercise by simply pressing the screen of your Apple Watch on the Peloton display.

The Standard Bike doesn’t support Apple Watch GymKit integration because it lacks the required NFC hardware. There are third-party solutions to use an Apple Watch as your Peloton Bike heart rate monitor, however their reliability is usually erratic.

It is also a great bike for the price. Peloton Bike+ also features an upgraded speaker system, that Peloton calls an “high-fidelity four-speaker audio technology.” These speakers sit placed in the center of the display and face the user rather than that of the speaker on the Bike that face downwards and forwards.

The Peloton Bike+ features a new Auto-Follow resistance function. It means your Bike+ will adjust its resistance level according to what the instructor recommends. This feature, however, is only with classes that are on demand which means that if you mostly engage in live classes this isn’t a very important feature.

Other possibilities and ends to think about:

Bike+ includes the USB-C port that allows you to charge your devices
Bike has the Ethernet port, but Bike+ does not. (You could add ethernet by using an adapter)
Bike+ camera has 8MP, compared to 5MP on the bike
Bike+ has a speedier 2.5GHz Qualcomm processor with 4G of RAM
The bike has 2GHz Mediatek processor and 2GB of RAM
The brand new Bike+ features only four feet with adjustable foot as opposed to six feet on the Bike

What Peloton Bike should you buy?

For most who are looking for the best bike, the initial Peloton Bike should be perfect It has access to the complete Peloton collection of classes and will also receive support from Peloton for several years to come. All the things you can do with the Bike+ is something you can accomplish almost as quickly using the Bike+ and you’ll be able to save up to $600.

There are a few scenarios where the upgrade for $600 for Peloton Bike+ Peloton Bike+ might make sense. If you’re already a part of the Apple ecosystem and you’ll find that the Apple Watch GymKit feature is an important feature. In addition, if you’re planning to take many Peloton training classes in the bootcamp, the rotating screen can be a fantastic addition.

Another thing to think about is that, while the Bike+’s swivel display makes bootcamp classes more accessible from a distance, Peloton is not limiting the bootcamp sessions to only Bike+ users. You can attend these classes, with instructors Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby as well as Robin Arzon, from the Bike with no worries.

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