The gaming industry experienced a rapid growth over the past few years, and is expected to continue growing due to COVID-19’s induced lockdowns and the limited outdoor activities. These massive changes affect the need for outsourcing services in game development. It is essential for a game development agency to recruit professionals to develop or design games since there is a fierce competition.

Mobile gaming has always been a lucrative business. Records show that the profits from the gaming industry is more than other entertainment sectors. For instance, the total box office earnings were about USD 42.5 billion in 2019. In 2019, video games raked in US$ 120.1 billion. This is nearly three times more. These numbers can show why companies are keen on games and game design.

The process of creating a mobile game application is distinct from creating an ordinary application. It requires a completely different approach and skills. This is why it is essential to choose an organization that develops mobile games taking into consideration all the important factors. In this article, we’ll give you a thorough overview of the development of mobile games and how to find a game development firm in 2023.

The reasons to search for an outsourcing company for game development Why you should consider outsourcing your game development

Outsourcing development means hiring an expert third party to complete your project. Before you decide to outsource your work, it’s crucial to know the advantages from outsourcing development for games. Let’s find out.

1. Cost-Efficient –

The main reason to outsource is to create the business in a cost-effective method to cut costs. It can help complete the task using lower-cost labor in countries like India, China or the Philippines. If you don’t have the resources required to finish an undertaking, instead of hiring developers from scratch and contractors, you could outsource the resources you have for a short amount of time.

2. Time Consuming

No matter the size of the studio outsourcing allows businesses to develop and maintain a massive group of game artists and designers as well as developers. Therefore, it is quicker to create a top-quality game. Additionally, recruiting new employees takes time interviews, onboarding and in training. This affects the production time which is why outsourcing can save time, which can then be utilized to enhance the game’s content.

3. Employment Flexibility

There’s always plenty that you can work with outsource firms. They can be hired on a monthly or on an individual basis. It allows you to hire more resources as you need they and also let them go after the project is complete.

4. Risk Management –

These are crucial times in your company, when your top game developers go to more lucrative opportunities. Outsourcing can help solve this issue without any hassle. It is due to the fact that outsourcing lets bring skilled developers into your team based upon your spending budget as well as specifications. This helps lower the risks of your employees management.

7 tips to find and hire a Game Development Company in 2023:

Finding a seasoned game development company is an overwhelming task. There are many efficient methods to find and hiring an experienced game designer.

1. Experience with different Game Genres

Knowing the various game genres is an extremely valuable skillset. The most popular 2D and 3D Unity games are altering the gameplay. The players display their actions and reactions based on the game’s genre. Different genres are utilized by game designers to create themes like:

RPGs are role-playing games (RPGs)
Strategy games

It is essential that the game’s creator is experienced in a variety of genres. They will be able to easily identify whether a game is a part of various genres or a well-established theme. The game developer must identify the sub-genres and create engaging experiences.

2. Work as a Team

Game development isn’t restricted to the best strategies, tools or execution. It’s about identifying the most suitable people to collaborate with the other team members. A team of game developers has many skill sets and knowledge. It’s a common vision of the team members who work together to reach the goal.

Every player is unique in terms of their work manner, expertise and outlook. It is essential to know the team’s size, structure, and the goals for the entire team. The team must be able to function based on the requirements of the project and deadlines. The team members must be able to fulfill their assigned roles and meet their individual goals and those of the team.

3. Love for Games

The ability to teach skills is possible, but passion is an inherent part of an individual and is not taught. Is the developer enthusiastic about making mobile games? Incredibly, passion, ability to go over, and deadlines for project completion every aspect is equally important in success in game development. Professional game developers who are passionate and dedicated can exceed their roles to develop groundbreaking gaming projects. It is a blessing if you have the opportunity to meet such dedicated game developers who have real experience and a thorough knowledge of their art.

4. Creativity is the Key

In the event that your smartphone game does not have excitement and imagination, the gaming experience isn’t complete. It’s great to create games that are loved by players of all ages groups. Anyone on your team that you’re looking to recruit must be able to bring out the passion and imagination within the game. The game will be successful when the players are fully involved in the game.

Art, graphics, design content, sound, etc. abilities are essential to create memorable games that players love to play long after they’ve been playing for many years. You need to ensure that your technical skills are balanced with the artistic side to make games enjoyable for both new and existing players as well.

5. On-going Assistance

Design flaws, bugs, as well as frequent crash can cause frustration for players. These issues could ruin the game in a matter of minutes. It is not possible for that a game will not have crashes or bugs. Sometimes, players might discover and report bugs that they have discovered during play.

Therefore, the game designer must also be able to provide continuous support as required. The objective of a developer is to provide the best gaming experience, while removing bugs, and also decreasing maintenance costs. An app that is bug-free offers the best experience and keeps players entertained for an extended period of duration. A game with a striking UI style can be distinguished from the tough rivals.

6. Communication Methods

Communication is essential to collaboration. It helps keep you on track and ensures that the process is seamless. So, when you choose a mobile game development firm to choose, make sure they communicate with you efficiently. This will enable you to give feedback whenever required and also receive information on the progress of your project. If you can manage communication it will give you the same level of comfort working with an internal development team.

It is your responsibility to choose the means of communication you will have with the mobile game developers that you contract. The top mobile game developers will provide dedicated channels for communication, such as instant messaging, email as well as phone calls and video calls. They can be used to create tools for managing projects, so you will be able to stay at the top of your game.

7. Clients who have been with us for a while

When you review the previous projects of the team you will be able to determine their expertise in design and development. If they’ve been working with well-known brands this means they’re an appropriate option. Check whether they’ve been involved in similar projects to yours. If they’ve done the same, they’ll be able to meet your needs.

Also, look through their testimonials from clients to find out what people review about their service and professionalism. A reputable team is likely to have more favorable reviews than negative. It is important to learn about the strengths of the team that develops games prior to working with them.

Benefits of Hiring as a Game Development Company

Let’s look at some of the primary advantages of hiring a development firm.

Professional Goals

Professional accomplishments are important for a company that develops apps. This is especially true for those in the tech industry. With the assistance of a game development firm you will be able to meet your objectives in your professional career the most efficient possible manner. The company that develops games can design and create a variety of products and services using most advanced technology available. It is certain the products and services will all be of high-quality and delivered without any major issues. Therefore, a game development company can assist the business to achieve higher levels.

Documentation is easy

One of the major benefits when you hire a professional game development firm is that documentation is fairly easy to follow. The information provided in games engines is easy to read and to implement. Furthermore, there are easy information for players that are easy to comprehend. If you’ve got the knowledge and experience of a highly skilled game development firm It makes the job simpler.

Advanced Technology

To develop games it is essential to have high-end tools and resources. Making the investment in all the necessary resources to build an in-house team may be costly for a small company. When you employ a skilled gaming company and gaining access to skilled game developers using top-of-the-line tools for a low cost. At the end of the day you will enjoy the benefits of modern gaming technologies without affecting your budget for operations.

Better Management

If you’re setting up a new company and you are launching a new product, you might need to work hard to create your product, launch it and then make enhancements. These tasks aren’t included over and above your normal management of your business, such as accounting for taxes, financial records and hiring. When you outsource your game development allows you to save a significant amount of time to concentrate on your most crucial tasks, and have the time and resources needed to contact your prospective clients.


The development of mobile games is an lucrative area of entertainment. Companies can make substantial revenues through a well-constructed and released game. However, it can also mean increased competition and higher investment. In order to reduce costs and build top-quality games, businesses look for outsourcing of their game development needs. Engaging a company to develop games offers a variety of advantages such as cost reduction, scaling development and access to the latest technologies and the relevant experience. Because of this, companies can enjoy games that is of top quality for only a fraction of the price. What are your thoughts on outsourcing mobile games development needs? If you require assistance in the development of your game, call FanStudio for a free estimate now.

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