With a strong global presence, Italian food brands continue to increase by double-digits the year upon year. Among the top 10 brands there are two food brands that are owned produced by Ferrero one of the Italian confectionery giant. Kinder (in fourth position) as well as Nutella (eighth).

Ferrero Rocher takes the eleventh spot, followed by the multinational pasta manufacturer Barilla at 26th place, the coffee company Lavazza in 29th place, as well as beverage company Campari 30th.

Italy is an inspiration to the entire world and we are all aware of. It doesn’t matter what style, fashion or art, food, or even fashion Italy is an unchangeable benchmark which is recognized, admired and imitated. And of course, somewhat envied across the world.

For all “Made by Italians” has become synonymous with quality in all sector.

Pasta as well as tuna, coffee tomato sauce, pasta, extra organic olive oil sweet and salty snacks, and also items to help with household cleaning and personal hygiene. Every day, we announce new offers that in combination with our dependable logistical and service, provide our company a promise of ease to wholesalers and retailers across the globe.

What of our items are most sought-after? This question can be answered simple because the top-selling items we sell in the world are the ones that are listed among the most well-known and popular brands around the world. Let’s take a look together!


We Italian aren’t able to live without an espresso coffee that’s good. Outside those borders everyone is a fan of our coffee (some are soft, american-style a few are “watered down” and some would prefer Turkish coffee) But what’s certain is that when you think about coffee, the primary name to come up is Lavazza.

Lavazza coffee is a symbol of Italian-made excellence and is well-known throughout the world.


Italian pasta is the most delicious all over the world. The success of Barilla is the outcome of a meticulous focus in the area of product quality as well as communication. However, Barilla is not just one of the “classic” durum wheat noodles. It’s as well organic whole wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta. It is also sauced with an jar that is practical and tasty. It’s a great way to taste food that tastes authentically Italian regardless of the continent that you live on.


The most well-known hazelnut-based cream that is enjoyed by both aged and young. “What would the world look like without Nutella?” said once in an advertisement. In actuality, the entire world is awed by this amazing product, and it is well-known, to put it mildly and is copied everywhere.

Ferrero who is the owner of Nutella, the company that owns it has been working for a while to expand the range and released the sweet Nutella B-ready which is wafers that are filled with hazelnut cream. It will soon unveil Nutella biscuits (which are being tested in several European countries). We are eager to taste them and then offer them to customers!


Giovanni Rana has come a quite a long way since it was among the top well-known Italian brands around the globe when, in 1961 when he was 24 years old, he established small laboratory that produced torttellini, in San Giovanni Lupatoto (province of Verona) Perhaps the products he created did not have the potential to be, within the next few decades an emblem of Italian quality throughout the globe. Today, we’re offering some excellent promotions of Giovanni Rana items. Visit our website www.bell-italia.com or contact us for a quotation.


It is currently in third position thanks to its own product Nutella, Ferrero is in first position among the top Italian food brands around the world. Furthermore, Ferrero is also in first position on the list of Italian brands that have the highest value in terms of commercial that was released by Brandz just two months ago and is, in total, 15 percent of the total of 85,3 billion. It’s a stunning result for the company that is 100 percent Italian.

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