With breathtaking backdrops of beautiful gardens, gorgeous interiors, and even a few corgis that make our list, we’ve compiled our own list of luxury castles that can make even the most modest of people feel like they’ve been taken to the estates of The Crown.

Best places to stay a castle

Castle with a History Kilmarnock

The walls in the castle were to talk, they’d be discussing the past about the times of Oliver Cromwell. With over 350 years’ worth of heritage, the historical castle is situated in the stunning Ayrshire countryside. It offers lavish accommodation for fourteen royal wannabees. A vaulted entry hall an impressive staircase and an amazing exterior give an allusion to past times. The king and queen of the family who reside at this castle will be enthralled by the stained glass window in the master bedroom. A guided tour through the history of the castle can be scheduled.

Closeburn Castle, Dumfries

It is believed to be among the oldest castles in Scotland The castle seems to be taken straight from Windsor. It was originally part of the Kirkpatrick family back around 1232. Closeburn Castle has managed to last through the centuries and remains an extended family until today. The elegant living room is stuffed with family and armorial heirlooms and four comfortable bedrooms ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Castle located in Arbroath, Arbroath

Beautiful 16th century structure We’re certain you’ll be aware of that distinctive turquoise turret with a pepperpot while driving in. It is situated in a picturesque location and surrounded by nearly 10 acres of space, the castle has gun-loops, shot-holes , and even an entrance vaulted. the outside of the hot tub is made of wooden barrels, which offers more modern conveniences. In close proximity, Arbroath has the distinction of being the knight-in-silver armor in terms of essentials with a wide range of shops, pubs and eateries are available.

Dollarbeg Castle Apartment, near Dollar

The castle has been restored and transformed into a variety of stunning apartments, the area of this Scottish baronial castle is elegant living spaces to two or even a smaller number of people. It is situated in three acres of grounds that are shared The property is easily accessible to the breathtaking city in Edinburgh and Glasgow shopping until you till you drop.

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Wonderful Heritage Castle, Inverurie

Forget about Cromwell The core of this castle could recall the reign of Richard The Lionheart of England. It was built in the 12th century and additional additions later, this castle has preserved its originality but has been able to accommodate modern comforts and furniture. There are family portraits that decorate the walls, marble fireplaces , and even a library, where books are stuffed with the classics in leather from the old.

Romantic Scottish Castle, Aberdeenshire

Named as one of the top ten castles to visit in Britain according to The Independent, this charming 16th-century castle is located in the middle of Banffshire. Beautifully furnished and adorned with a diverse collection of antiques and art The property is equipped with several reception rooms, a chapel , and an impressive great hall that has a unique ceiling that is painted. Infinity pools are available to those who want to take swimming, and an outside pavilion is available to host a cocktail party. In the nearby area, a visit to nearby Banffshire Whisky Distillery is a must for anyone who enjoys the taste of a drink.

Sixteenth Century Castle, Selkirk

It is not without its fair share of drama from the past The castle has been completely modernized to offer luxury accommodation within its “blast from the past walls. A series of bedrooms with entertainment rooms, snugs and bedrooms are connected by the original turnpike steps, while drinking a drink at the bar located in the living space will surely be as a delight. The upper floors, with four large bedrooms are spread across four floors, each one featuring the latest DUX beds. It’s going to be a challenge to rise in the morning!

Luxury Scottish Castle, Alyth

At the top of the valley This is what you would describe as an iconic Scottish castle. The castle was destroyed in 1640 before being restored to its former splendor in the year 1990, the castle is now renovated with impeccable fashion and taste. Imagine four-poster beds, fireplaces in the inglenook and turnpike steps, while sitting in the grand hall is an absolute pleasure. Make sure to check out and you’ll see the story of the castle told by the stunning ceiling painted. What other places can boast this?

Unique Luxury Castle, Duns

Not exactly Richard The Lionheart territory, however, being constructed in 1350 is a feat. David II was the King of the Scots at the time however he would not have seen the contemporary furnishings that grace the castle. Toes are kept warm by the underfloor heating system, as well as internet connectivity and modern equipment like a coffee maker and wine cooler. If you’re able to stay in a castle that is so close to Edinburgh and you’re in Holyrood!

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