The world has more information than we are able to utilize. All businesses are flooded with information about operations, processes, products and even customers. If something has an online footprint, it’s somewhere.

The more we can gain from data about consumer behavior The more we will be able to accurately predict what will happen. In order to do this it is necessary to have the right tools. This is the place Microsoft Power BI comes in.

Microsoft Power BI in the Numbers

Microsoft Power BI is the most popular business intelligence platform, that has more than 120 million users and expanding. It is the Data solution of choice for businesses across the globe. In the year 2020 Power BI was the most popular choice for businesses. Power BI market represented more than $20 billion. It is expected to grow by 20% in 2026. The market of Power BI has been enormous and continues to grow.

It’s not a surprise that career opportunities in the fields of data analysis, business analysis, as well as business intelligence are on the rise. With the right skills for business analysis you can apply for jobs in almost any industry since the majority of companies require experts in data analysis to assist them in making better informed decisions. If you conduct an online search on LinkedIn you’ll discover that there are about 200,000 jobs for business analysts available at any time.

As a present or the future analysts in the field, it’s quite likely to come across Power BI.

What exactly is Microsoft Power BI?

What’s the secret behind Microsoft Power BI’s success? It’s secure, it combines many technologies in one place that is convenient and is easy to set up. These features make it an easy choice for a lot of businesses.

Fundamentally, Microsoft Power BI is an assortment of apps, software and connectors that are used to transform your disparate source of information into cohering visually-rich, interactive information. Connect it to any type of data source and create impressive data visualisations.

If you visit the Microsoft Power BI website, it informs you in massive words that you can “bridge gaps between decision making and data.” It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean just your decisions, but also is also decisions you’re accountable for establishing. If you’ve got a lot of information about, for instance consumer spending habits and you’re required to write reports that break these habits into useful patterns that a department of product could study in order to plan out releases . . . That’s the reason you’d make use of Microsoft Power BI for.

What are the possibilities With Power BI?

Three fundamental elements are part in Microsoft PowerBI. When combined, these components transform you into a productive and productive business analyst.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot can be described as “a data modeling tool that lets you build Data models, build relationships and make calculation” (Microsoft). Power Pivot allows you to use Power Pivot to work with massive datasets, create relationships, and even create calculations all from one location and all in Excel.

Power query

Power Query is Microsoft’s data connectivity and data preparation technology that lets you access data from many different sources and modify the data to meet your requirements. There is no code required to make use of Power Query, and it has a simple, user-friendly interface.

Power View

This tool lets you actually alter the data. It’s a technology for visualization which allows you to design “charts or graphs, maps and other visuals that help your data come to life” (Microsoft). You can utilize it within Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server and Power BI.

Do You Need to Learn Power BI?

Learning how to make use of Microsoft Power BI is a daunting task. You shouldn’t be able to just do a few hours of YouTube and think you’re an expert. It’s true that the Microsoft Power BI platform is simple, but it’s complicated. It’s more than just the basics to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

We’re also a fan of walking through the night and hitting things. It’s an extremely… Experience-based learning is a great way to learn. If you’d like to learn to use Microsoft Power BI for your present or future work and want to be able to reap the advantages sooner and not later we’d recommend taking advantage of Power BI courses and training.

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